Monday, June 15, 2009

Fast Food Review: Wendy's Boneless Wings

Over the weekend I went down to Oceanside to hang out with my friend Zach, go to some wineries in Temecula, and watch sports on his 100 inch HDTV. And, as has become our tradition, we did a fast food marathon, trying all the most recent fast food promotions. The one I was most looking forward to was Wendy's boneless buffalo wings.

I am always excited to try boneless wings, especially when you have a choice of flavors. Wendy's offers the chicken in three flavors: honey barbecue, bold buffalo, and sweet & spicy Asian. I considered ordering one of each flavor, but since we were going to so many other places I decided just to try one flavor, the Asian.

My first bite was not impressive. The chicken was good but the sauce was too sweet. I did not taste any of the spiciness. I realized the sauce had gathered at the bottom of the cheap plastic container, so before the next bite I dragged my chicken through the sauce. It was much better that way. But there is nothing special about these, they are just re-formed chicken nuggets. That's not necessarily a bad thing; Wendy's has some of my favorite fast food nuggets. But these aren't as good as KFC's "Tangy Terriyaki" boneless wings that resurface every few years.

I will most likely be trying out the other Wendy's flavors at a later date. Probably when I don't have 6 other fast food joints to visit.

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Melissa Good Taste said...

I would have went for the Asian too...