Friday, September 19, 2008

Green Street Tavern

Kuala Lumpur was one of my favorite restaurants anywhere. I have not eaten at many Malaysian restaurants, but I have been to a few, and it was the best I've ever had. I never understood when friends had a desire for any of the (in my opinion very average) Thai restaurants in Old Town when Kuala Lumpur was an option. When they closed down I vowed never to go in to whatever restaurant took over the space.

Then I found out that the new restaurant would have the word "Tavern" in its name, and my stance relaxed a little. When I learned they would have a reasonably-priced cheese plate and inexpensive wines by the glass, my stance relaxed a lot. Then, after a couple visits for a glass of wine at their sidewalk tables, I was crazy about the place.

Last month a friend and I went there for dinner. It was great; she had a piece of salmon that we both agreed was the best salmon either of us had ever had. I had a New York steak with Bernaise, and we had a bottle of wine and then another glass each after we finished the bottle. It was a great meal. All this, however, came with a hefty price tag. This is not a complaint, of course; I have no problem paying high prices for an amazing meal. But Green Street Tavern also has a lunch menu, with much lower prices.

A couple weeks ago my friend had to take his car to the body shop and I picked him up, and he offered to take me to lunch. I suggested Green Street Tavern, as neither of us had been there for lunch. I had the braised braised short rib sandwich with provolone, pickled peppers, and horseradish aioli. It was very good, although my buddy's shredded chicken sandwich with roast corn and cilantro salsa was better (he let me have a bite.)

Both meals I had there were phenomenal. The dinner was more enjoyable, simply because it was such a nice setting (and, uh, I was with a woman.) But the lunch was great too, and cost much less.

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