Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pommes Frites (New York City)

I love Belgian fries. Unfortunately, they aren't too plentiful around Pasadena, or even L.A. A decade ago I would drive all the way over to Dive! in Century City just to eat their fries. Although then you had to put up with the once-an-hour announcement over the loudspeaker: "Prepare to dive!," while the whole restaurant shifted into a mode resembling a submarine diving - lights flashing and sirens blaring - perhaps the most annoying restaurant quirk I have ever seen, with the obvious exception of restaurants where the server actually sits down at your table to take your order.
I was never a huge fan of Benita's Frites at Citywalk, although I admit I ate there several times. Spring Street Smokehouse did a great version for a while, but last time I was there their fries resembled McDonald's fries. The Oinkster does a good job but doesn't quite cook them long enough the second time (I once asked for them well done and there was no difference.)
But I had read about Pommes Frites before my last trip to New York and I immediately put it at the top of my list. It was exceptional. I cannot remember ever having better fries. It is a tiny shop on 2nd Ave and they only serve fries in three sizes: regular, large, and are-you-f**king kidding me. (Not really; the largest size is called a "double.") I was with three other people and the "large" size was enough for all four of us.
In addition to ketchup, mustard, vinegar, etc., they offer a choice of 25 sauces, ranging from the more common ones I got (honey mustard and roasted garlic mayo) to exotic sauces like "Vietnamese Pineapple Mayo" and "Pomegranite Terriyaki Mayo."
I hope I can visit Pommes Frites every time I return to New York for the rest of my life.

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Anonymous said...

If you're ever up in Montreal you should definitely check out Frites Alors. Good frites with harissa is absolutely badass.

Go Angels,

Nick (in Boston)