Friday, March 29, 2013

Yang Chow's Spicy Wonton Soup

For several years now, a reader named Justin has been telling me I have to try the Spicy Wonton Soup at Yang Chow. But I never remembered... until today. It was, without question, my favorite wonton soup I have ever had.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Breakfast Lunch & Dinner

Grilled breakfast sandwich with UnieKaas Parrano (perhaps my favorite cheese at the moment), scrambled egg whites, ham, and red pepper.

Ruffles Max Beer Battered Onion Rings (eerily accurate description) and Whole Foods sushi. 

Slow-cooked pork sliders with homemade mustard sauce and Crab Cooker cole slaw, "Southern-style" potato salad (whatever that means) and grilled corn with cilantro butter.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Brunch at Green Street Tavern

I've had some great meals at Green Street Tavern over the years... but this wasn't one of them. The brunch menu was small and boring (so I ordered my usual burger), the service was indifferent and the portions were small. The burger was still delicious, as always, and it's nice that they offer bottles of Black Butte Porter, but they've gotten rid of the beer taps (I always enjoyed having a Warsteiner) and check out my friend's salad: they charged her $18 for a small chicken breast and scattered greens. 

It was a good meal, but not a great one.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Yazmin Malaysian Restaurant

Bryce asked me if I wanted to go to lunch; I said definitely, as long as Lucy was going to be there. He was craving mee goreng. I had not eaten Malaysian food since Kuala Lumpur closed several years ago. We had roti canai, mee goreng, beef rendang, and chicken rice. All of it was good... but not as good as Kuala Lumpur was. I miss that place. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Santa Maria Tri-Tip Sandwiches

March Madness on the big screen TV, 78 degrees and sunny. What to make for lunch? Something where I could be outside grilling yet not too far from the television. 

A Taylor's tri-tip rubbed with Santa Maria seasoning.

Slightly seared and cooked over indirect heat for about thirty minutes, with another thirty minutes of resting wrapped in foil.

And this is what we have.

I carved some slices and set aside the less-fatty pieces. 

If you're looking for a good roasted garlic oil, I highly recommend Temecula Olive Oil Company's version.

I dredged a few pieces of sourdough through the oil and dropped them on the grill for a couple of minutes.

On the left is Stubb's spicy barbecue sauce, just something that was in the fridge. On the right, I picked some rosemary from my parents' garden, rinsed and chopped it, and mixed it with mayo. 

I gotta say it was a good day.