Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fast Food Review: Church's Boneless Buffalo Wings

When Zach, Elizabeth and I planned out our fast food adventure, we added Church's Chicken to the list just because we could. (And yes, there actually was a list, with a map and everything.) Zach had never been to Church's, and I had only been there once, when I was 18 and my friend Mike and I got a down-on-his-luck guy to buy us beer in Altadena. We'd offered to let him keep the change but he said he didn't want the change, he only wanted a ride to Church's. So we took him and got something to eat ourselves. I have absolutely no recollection of what I ate or how it tasted.

This time, I did not intend to actually get thing at Church's, but we went to Arby's to try their new fajita flatbread melts and were told by the manager they didn't have them yet. So Church's was back in play. And when we arrived there were signs in the window for their new boneless wings. So we ordered a combo. While sitting by the window waiting for our food, I noticed their value menu, and I decided to get an order of chicken nuggets for 99 cents.

The boneless wings came out first. They were actually surprisingly good. Not the best I've ever had, but probably the best I have ever had at that price. Their fries, the crinkle cut kind like Del Taco serves, could have used a couple more minutes in the fryer.

The chicken nuggets were also good, but very, very small. I can't really complain about the size of nuggets when I got 5 of them for 99 cents, but you can get the same deal at Wendy's and the nuggets are better.

I don't know if I will ever eat at Church's again. I made it 12 years between visits and I don't really feel like I missed anything. I suppose if they come out with some interesting new product I could be convinced to give it another try.

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