Monday, June 1, 2009

Spicy Shrimp & Beer

As much as I love beer, I rarely drink it with dinner. These days I usually enjoy a glass of wine with pizza. My favorite drink with barbecue has always been iced tea, preferably sweet tea. More often than not I just drink water with my dinner when at home.
However, there is nothing that goes better with grilled seafood than a cold lager. With the jacarandas above our patio almost in peak bloom, I decided a grilled dinner of spicy shrimp with beer would be perfect. New Belgium Brewing Co. makes some of my favorite beers in America, so I grabbed a six pack of "Mothership Wit" from BevMo and cooked up dinner for myself, Elizabeth and Tracie.
A few months back my friend Rachel had made this dish of spicy shrimp, and it was phenomenal. So I grabbed the recipe and gave it a shot myself. It's very simple, just a couple chili powders and some olive oil mixed with the shrimp. After getting the fire going it only took a few minutes to cook them.
We ate the shrimp with some of the Chinese cole slaw from Bristol Farms. Despite it having been an overcast day, the sun made a brief appearance in the late afternoon, just in time to bathe the trees in a gold light. A fantastic way to spend a late spring Saturday night.

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Rachel said...

Ah yes, that dish has become a staple in our house. I recommend it with a sweet corn salad and perhaps a cheesy quesadilla.

And beer. Alway beer.