Monday, June 8, 2009

Pizza & The Lakers, Part 3

Having had the successful combination of pizza and Lakers games for the last two games - which were easily the best the Lakers have played in the playoffs, and perhaps all season - I had to keep it going for the second game of the Finals. This is not a big deal; I could probably eat pizza 9 out of every 10 meals and still be happy. And if it means another Lakers championship, I would eat pizza every meal for a month straight.

Friday night on my way home I had stopped by Philly's Best to get cheesesteaks for Liz and myself. It was about quarter to 9 PM and it was obvious the employees were trying their best to get out the door right at 9. I ordered a pepper steak with cheese and a plain cheesesteak. There was another guy in there ordering a cheesesteak with peppers and mushrooms. Long story short, when I got home we had gotten that guy's sandwich, which Elizabeth did not want. That guy had gotten her plain cheesesteak, I'm sure.

Sunday, when planning what pizza I was going to make, I took out the sandwich. Three of my previous four meals over the weekend had been sandwiches (my cheesesteak Friday night, a turkey sourdough melt Saturday for lunch and a pulled pork sandwich Sunday for lunch) and I knew I wasn't going to be eating this cheesesteak. So, I figured, why not put its contents on a pizza? I've certainly made stranger pizzas in my life.

Our friend Tracie had been to Fresh & Easy earlier in the day and bought several pizza doughs and jars of sauce. But she has a small refrigerator and decided to store all the pizza supplies in our fridge. This works just fine by me, as we always make pizza at our place, and besides, this way I can just eat the food she's purchased and then tell her I have no idea what she's talking about if she notices.

I cut one ball of dough in half and rolled it out nice and thin. I spread out the steak and peppers, with a few mushrooms sprinkled in, although I picked out several of the large pieces. After baking this for about 5 minutes I added handfuls of Dubliner Irish cheddar and a little bit of mozzarella.

The pizza was good. That sounds like damning with faint praise, I guess. It wasn't as good as most of the pizzas we've made lately and it certainly wasn't as good as a fresh sandwich from Philly's Best, but it was definitely good and I definitely enjoyed it. It was a little on the bland side so on the last slice I added a few squirts of Franks Red Hot new "Sweet Heat BBQ Wings Sauce."

The Lakers won, or more to the point Orlando lost the game, so I will be making pizza again for the game Tuesday night, although I am not expecting a Lakers victory.


Anonymous said...

Damn road trips always screw up the black mamba!

Anonymous said...

Damn road trips always screw up the black mamba!

Melissa Good Taste said...

I LOVE IT WHEN YOU MAKE PIZZA! It is a feast for my eyes!!!