Friday, November 6, 2009

Trader Joe's Teeny Tiny Tasty Angus Cheese Burgers

Not wanting to go out anywhere - I had to watch a ten year old episode of Huell Howser at Pink's Hot Dog's, even though I have seen it half a dozen times - but still wanting to keep the theme of Burger Week going, I cooked some Trader Joe's mini burgers.

I have seen these mini burgers in the refrigerated section of TJ's for months but never tried them. Already cooked mini burgers that you microwave? They seemed perilously close to a barbecue sandwich I once bought from a gas station and microwaved in a Super 8 motel room in Utah, one of the most grievous errors of my life. (Eating the sandwich, not being in Utah.)

Well, they weren't horrible. The buns were surprisingly decent, the cheese was okay, and the beef was lousy: rubbery and bland. I added some mayo, some diced pieces of a spicy garlic pickle and some A.1. Thick & Hearty steak sauce. These toppings helped tremendously, masking the boring quality of the meat. Dressed this way they were actually kind of good. Certainly better than any Burger King burger.

I would eat these again, probably experimenting with different toppings to see if there is a better combination. Or maybe I will just batter one of them and deep fry it...


SuperLarge said...

I worry about your cholesterol sometimes.

JustinM said...

I'm pretty sure I've driven it down under 400.

Anonymous said...

I see....burger week

ok. What is with Two-EEys (?) 7.95 for a miserly burger. Condiments = onion, pickle and a piece of cheese. Came with a little cup of coleslaw. Not even any thousand island for the burger. Shocked, I asked the server "wheres the tomato?" I was told that will cost ex-tra. Long story short. I have had 99 cent AM/PM burgers and they're better. Sad indeed