Saturday, April 14, 2012

Del Taco Grilled Chicken Tacos

Last summer I wrote about Del Taco's Chicken Soft Tacos, which I have loved for a long time. Recently they came out with something called "Grilled Chicken Tacos," which appears to be just a fancy name for their chicken tacos. Still, that's all the reason I needed to try them - especially since they are offered with two new sauce flavors: ranch and chipotle.

I tried the "new" tacos a couple of weeks ago but, while writing about my favorite places in Pasadena before I moved, I never got around to showing photos of the tacos. So, being tired from a 3700 mile road trip and not wanting to exert myself too much (road trip posts will start Monday), I'll show you the photos and briefly tell you that I loved the chipotle and regular versions of the taco, but did not care for the ranch.

The closest Del Taco to New York is in Ohio, so I probably won't be having any of these for a while. I will miss them.


Jessica said...

"Road trip posts start on Monday". Yay! Glad you guys had a good trip.

Anonymous said...

after a trek across the country, you do a del taco review.


ranch and chicken have no bidness being together.

i look forward to mondays post.