Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Crumbs Bake Shop

I've definitely been living a healthier lifestyle in Brooklyn. I walk/run four to five miles a day. I consume alcohol less than 10% as much as I used to. I eat fast food less than 5% as much as I used to. I've even starting eating vegetables on purpose every once in a while.

But then there is Crumbs. I'd never been to one before, and now there is one just a few feet from our front door. They are not the best cupcakes you will ever have, and yes, they predictably follow that annoying trend of charging four or sometimes five dollars for a single cupcake... but they are still tasty cupcakes. Which means I have an extreme weakness for them.

The white chocolate was good, but not as good as the ones I used to get at Bristol Farms back in Pasadena.

We got two one day in October: one pink ribbon, one halloween. The pink ribbon was much better.

In the summer they had a watermelon cupcake. I wish they carried it year-round. It is the best of the bunch here, and it was one of the best cupcakes I have ever had.

The "Cosmo" for me and cookies & cream for Elizabeth. I liked mine; I did not try hers. Too much chocolate.

The Cheesecake Brownie for Elizabeth and the "Good Guy" for me. Again I did not try any of hers, but the Good Guy is really good. It's my second-favorite of the lot, and Elizabeth's favorite.

One night over the summer I made dinner for Elizabeth and her dad and they went out and got cupcakes afterwards. I'm not entirely sure what they got (I'm pretty sure that's the Raspberry Swirl that Liz ate); I got the Happy Birthday. It tasted pretty similar to the Good Guy... just not quite as good.

This time, Elizabeth had the peach cobbler and she loved it. I had a cupcake-of-the-month called Monkey Business: banana cake with banana and caramel frosting and toffee. It was, um, interesting. I'm not going to call it bad, but man there was a lot going on. I will not be having one again.

One time I got these cookies with white chocolate in them. They were just okay. The employee told me they would be much better if I let them sit out for a day. But who does that? Why get something so good and then ignore it? That would be like getting Steve Nash to be your point guard and then not letting him handle the ball. Okay, bad example.

I don't remember what this was called - maybe candy apple on a stick? Regardless, it's the only one here that I hated.

And another one whose name I don't remember. I guess I should have written them down. At any rate, I remember liking this one.

The lemon cupcake was very lemony. I suppose I have no right to complain that I ordered a lemon cupcake and then thought it had too much lemon flavor. So I won't. I would eat this again if someone gave me one, but I will not be buying it.

And we'll end with the first one I ever had: the Cotton Candy. It was great. If it had not have been, maybe I would have written Crumbs off after one trip and saved myself a lot of calories. Oh well.

Damn, looking at all these I feel like I should go for a run, even though it feels like it might snow.


SuperLarge said...

Snow? I think I've heard of this thing you call snow...

JustinM said...

Most of the time I am referring to the Canadian reggae musician, but this time I actually mean the weather phenomenon.

Ali said...

I feel like most of the gourmet cupcake places I've been to have something against buttercream and/or cream cheese frosting. It's all that lame whipped frosting which, at least in my opinion, is kind of terrible. Not at all what I want to spend $5 on. I love carrot cake and the fiance loves red velvet, but neither are any good without cream cheese frosting.

Banana Wonder said...

That is a LOT of cupcakes. Did the watermelon one taste like watermelon or just look like one? Good for you for eating healthier - you'd think the opposite moving from so cal to the east coast. BTW, totally agree with you about Santa Fe. There has got to be a local secret society. I was so bummed about the gigantic tourist scene.