Thursday, November 15, 2012

Green Street Tavern & Del Taco

There are, not surprisingly, many restaurants in the Pasadena area at which I want to eat over the next few weeks. One of them is Green Street Tavern. On Wednesday nights, GST pairs an entree with a glass of wine, usually for $21. I was hoping that one of the four Wednesdays I am in town would be my favorite of the Wednesday specials: rib eye steak and Justin Cabernet. It turned out, that's what they offered last night, the first Wednesday of my Pasadena vacation.

So my brother and his buddy Nick joined me and my parents, and I invited my friend Tracie to be my date. Four of us ordered the special. I've never been a huge fan of California Cabernet, but man, I love this one.

I requested my steak medium-rare. It was a little on the salty side, but delicious. And it's hard to beat the price.

Under the meat was a lobster risotto with oyster mushrooms (I tried one; it was okay, but not for me) and a wine reduction sauce. I ate every single bit of the risotto.

My brother had soup and the wild boar meatloaf, a dish I love that I have written about before. He cleaned the plate.

Nick went with the chicken - it was his first time at GST - and he really liked it. 

After dinner I met up with a few friends, had a few drinks, and later that evening, when I was getting a ride home, I stopped at Del Taco for a couple of my beloved chicken soft tacos. 

I can't really explain why I love these things so much. But I do. 


Anonymous said...

from green street tavern to the del taco in a matter of hours. that's why we love you, pp.

Anonymous said...

did you see this, pp?

Nathaniel said...

are overweight/workout alot? because you eat like a pig!

mw said...

There is just something about Del Taco after a night of drinking. It calls to me.

JustinM said...

You're pretty fucking rude, Nathaniel, but I DO respect that you used your name. So I will answer: I work out every day.

Nathaniel said...

haha sorry but its true, you eat a ton, i dont know how thats rude

JustinM said...

You don't see how telling someone that he or she eats "like a pig" is rude? Either you're lying or you're not terribly bright.