Monday, March 4, 2013

Brooklyn Piggies BBQ Burger

It had been far too long since I'd made a full size burger - almost a couple of weeks - so I picked up some Paisanos patties, though I wasn't sure exactly what kind of burger I wanted.

At the store I saw this. It's not exactly a big deal to see a condiment labeled "Brooklyn" something or other; like most cliches, the jokes about artisan Brooklyn foods come from reality.

It's packaged in Rosendale, right next to Elizabeth's hometown and home of the Red Brick Tavern.

 After grilling the patty and letting a slice of chese melt over it, I added another slice of Swiss.

I tasted the sauce before adding it to the burger: it was really sweet. Tomato paste and brown sugar were the second and third ingredients listed (after water) and their presence was noticeable. So I added a few pickled jalapeños for extra spice.

 I quickly fried some onion strings and added them for crunch.

And then the Brooklyn Piggies sauce.

On a soft kaiser roll.

This was definitely a good burger. The sweetness of the sauce was still noticeable, but everything worked well together. I put some jalapeño slices in the jar of sauce before putting it back in the fridge; hopefully by the next time I use it, it will be kicked up a little.

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damn that looks bomb, pp