Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Road Trip Part 8: Le Bayou Restaurant

After that breakfast you saw yesterday, we walked around for a long time, all over the French Quarter, along the river, down past the aquarium, by the casino, and into the Warehouse District, where one of us (you can guess which) wanted to check out Avery Fine Perfumery, the sole U.S. location of the company that has stores in London and Modena. 

After heading back to the hotel for a couple of hours, we went out on the town in the afternoon so that Elizabeth could try her first Hand Grenade(s) and enjoy some of the other cool bars in the Quarter. When it came time for dinner we walked by Acme Oyster House. I ate there once many years ago and loved it, though I had no illusions about what the line was going to be like. And it was indeed just as long - longer, even - than I had expected. So we decided to go elsewhere. Just around the corner we passed Le Bayou and decided to duck inside.

I try not to show pictures that feature people, but it wasn't really possible here, and I wanted you to see how cool the restaurant looks, with the big glass double doors open onto Bourbon Street. 

Many New Orleans restaurants feature the same items: po' boys and fried seafood platters. This is not a complaint; this is why I love New Orleans.

Well, and also the ice cold beers served to you in plastic cups so that, should you not finish it with your meal, you can wander out into the street with the drink in your hand. 

Elizabeth had the fried shrimp po' boy and I took a taste. I loved it. The shrimp had just the right amount of batter, the remoulade was delicious, and I even liked (or rather didn't mind) the fried green tomatoes.

I had the crawfish cake sandwich. It was good but not as good as Elizabeth's po' boy. There was too much filler and not enough crawfish. I would have preferred one large cake to two small ones; the bun:seafood ratio was a little too high. (This is also how I feel about pretty much every crab cake sandwich I have ever had, too.)

But, just as with every meal I have ever had in New Orleans, I still liked it. I mean, it was still fried seafood.


Michelle said...

Another awesome post. I've never been but I want to go very much.

Fritos and Foie Gras said...

That po-boy looks unreal. Damn, I really have to get to that city!

AriannaErin said...

HUGE Fan of this site but I've especially been loving the latest posts! It's my dream to go to New Orleans (in high part for the food!) so it's fun to be able to live vicariously through you every few days (and get some good pointers should I ever get to go myself!)

Ali said...

My boyfriend and I are going to New Orleans in September, so I'm definitely enjoying your posts! I have no idea where all we will eat, but I'm sure we're in for some delicious meals.

JustinM said...

Michelle, Fritos and AriannaErin, I hope all of you make it there one day. I sincerely do.

Ali, you sure are. Be sure to check back tomorrow. I'm not going to say it's someplace you "have" to go - I freaking hate when people say that; what they really mean is that's what they would do if they were you - but it's someplace that I definitely recommend as a quintessential NOLA experience.

Anonymous said...

pp- what kinda drink did you get? looks thick like a smoothie.

JustinM said...

Beer. Abita Amber, if I remember correctly.

Nosh Gnostic said...

YUM! Muffaletta! I would've had to have ordered that. They are virtually unavailable on SoCal and one of my favorite meat-eater sandwiches.

Banana Wonder said...

The last time I was in NO was for Junior Olympics volleyball back in '99. Would love to return, and I would get the oyster po boy. Too bad about the un-crawfish cake sandwich, but at least your lady had luck!

Amy said...

I must say a new post from your blog is often the bright spot in my day - please keep it up!. sadly you missed Lafitte blacksmith shop (bar) in new Orleans - I think you might have just loved it - original earth floors, and (only) candlelight at night.. oh - but no food ;(

can't wait for the NY posts, I will send my reccos (as a former NY'er)

thanks for the good work. Amy

JustinM said...

Hi Amy. Thanks for the kind words and I will keep it up - a few more days of NOLA.

I have been to Lafitte's many times and you're right, it's great. However, on the day we walked by with the intention of getting a drink, it was frat boy central. We decided to get a drink somewhere less crowded.

New York recommendations are always welcome.

mindful mule said...

The hanging sign out front reads: Le Bayou.
The caulk board reads: La Bayou.
The napkin/utensil band reads: La Bayou (accent over the a).
And the menu reads: Le Bayou.

JustinM said...

I noticed that myself, even when we were dining there. So I looked it up. Check our their website for even more confusion: "" but the title of the webpage is LaBayou. Then it reads LeBayou but says "Welcome to La Bayou!!"

Liz said...

I really liked this place! And the sandwich was soooo good. Everything about it was good. I considered getting another one.