Friday, October 30, 2009

Philly's Best: Philly Pizza Steak

Back in June, I was unable to watch two of the NBA Finals games because, for some reason that was never made clear to me, ABC did not come in for the duration of the games. That was the only channel that failed to, and when my friend called to inquire about it, she was told by Time Warner that they had no idea why that was happening. 

The other night I was looking forward to watching the first Lakers game of the season, as well as seeing the team get their championship rings before the game. (The fact that Adam Morrison now has a ring and Chris Webber does not makes me happy in a way I cannot describe.) But we lost all electricity in the windstorm (and also water later in the night) so instead of cooking anything I just went to McDonald's. We ate it by candlelight, a truly bizarre thing, although not as bizarre as the fact that, for the first time in more than 20 years, I ordered a Filet-O-Fish sandwich. 

I am not sure why. Maybe because I had the Wendy's fish sandwich a few months ago and it was great. At any rate, the Filet-O-Fish was horrible. Absolutely disgusting. Like a cheap fish stick slathered with mayonnaise and cheese. I thought to myself 'This will make and interesting blog post.' But looking at the pictures of it... I just don't want to post them. 

Last night we went up to Stats to look at their Halloween displays. After debating for half an hour about whether or not we should buy an $1100 concrete skeleton display to put in the yard (actually, it was more like half a second, and it really wasn't much of a debate) we decided to go to Philly's Best and get cheesesteaks. This excited me for two reasons: 1) it's always fun for me to try something new there and then get mad at myself that I didn't just get the standard cheese and pepper steak, and 2) the Philly's-Yankees World Series game would be playing on the flatscreen TV. This appealed to me very much; I loved the idea of watching some of the game with dozens of other crazed, displaced Philadelphians was exciting.

Of course, there was only one other guy in the place, and he seemed drunk or possibly just deranged. Yes, he was watching the game, but he may have thought it was The Price is Right for all I know. There was a sign in the window advertising the Philly Meatball Sandwich, so that's what I ordered. "We're all out of meatballs," I was told. I decided to try one of the few things I have never had there - the Philly Pizza Steak. (After I got my cup and was filling my drink, I saw a sign in the corner, well below eye level, advertising the Buffalo Chicken sandwich, which I definitely would have tried. What is the point of an ad if it's just going to be shoved in the corner, out of sight until after you have ordered?)

The pizza steak was basically a cheesesteak sandwich with grilled onions and Cheez Wiz and pizza sauce served on the side. The sandwich looked great when it was served and I considered just eating it plain, but then again, that wouldn't really have been a pizza steak. So I put some sauce and cheese (er, Cheez) on it. 

It was definitely the messiest sandwich I have ever eaten. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't anything special, and not something I will ever order again. I would rather have had the meatball or Buffalo sandwiches.

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