Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Liberation Ale & Valentine's Day

It's been a year now that my friend Tim has been my neighbor.  To celebrate the anniversary he made a new beer, in the style of Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale. And in the spirit of the reason he became my neighbor - the separation from his wife - he called it the Liberation Ale. A few of us went over to his place yesterday to try it out. It was delicious. Tim called this his favorite of the half-dozen beers he has brewed in the last year. I liked the second summer ale more, but this Liberation Ale is probably my second-favorite of the bunch.

Very few things go better with beer than sausage.  So I cooked a few sweet Italian sausages and diced them up.

I made two mustards, both using Tim's beer. One was a sweet honey mustard, the other was similar but contained habanero hot sauce and Cuban garlic sauce to give it some spice.

But I couldn't stay over at Tim's all night, because I had my own Valentine's stuff to do at home.

I decided to surprise Elizabeth with a Valentine's Day Funfetti cake. Did she like it? Well, as you can see, she took a piece before I could even snap a picture of it. Oh well, it was her cake. 

I also surprised her with a Philly's Best cheesesteak. Back when Philly's Best was at the Del Mar train station, we used to get it frequently. (I wrote about different sandwiches I ate there at least a half-dozen times.) But it closed in the summer of 2010 and we definitely miss it. So yesterday I drove over to the Monrovia location to pick up sandwiches for dinner. Our usual order: cheesesteak for her, pepper steak with cheese for me.

When Elizabeth got home and asked what was for dinner, I opened the oven and pulled out the reheated sandwich. Her eyes lit up.

It was nice to have those sandwiches back in our lives again.


Anonymous said...

cutesy, pp

Amy Ward said...

Good MAN! Elizabeth is a lucky girl, cheesesteaks rule.

I continue to LOVE your blog and appreciate it being so regularly updated.

Banana Wonder said...

Nice work! Love that funfetti cake - I don't blame Elizabeth for going for the kill. I totally would have. I got my Justin some macarons and added him onto my checking account for V day. Not that I am a baller or anything.