Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pulled Pork Part III: Flatbread Pizza

I saw these panini breads at the store and thought they'd make a nice base for a flatbread pizza. There are ten of them to a pack - that seems like a large number; I don't think I will eat ten of them before they spoil - but they weren't very expensive so I bought them. 

I sliced up a few wedges of mozzarella and layered them on the flatbread.

In a pan I heated leftover pork with a Southern-style barbecue sauce and poured it over the cheese and flatbread, then added hot pepper slices and threw it on the oven.

Ten minutes later I removed it and added diced green onion.

This was even better than the sandwiches or nachos.

And there was still some pork left...

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