Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pulled Pork Part IV: Flatbread Sandwich

They love their artisan food in Brooklyn. From pickles (I would tell you some of the things that I have seen pickled, but you would think I am being satirical) to mayonnaise (I bought a lime-pickle mayonnaise the other day) to jerky, you can find a lot of food made in Brooklyn. And while it's not true that they all label themselves "A new generation of...", sometimes it feels that way.  

So I didn't blink twice when I saw jars of Brooklyn Salsa Company's salsa yesterday. And the fruity flavors of the "Tropical" salsa did sound like they would work well with my porcine leftovers, so I bought a container.

I warmed up the pork with the salsa in a pan for a couple of minutes and placed it on half a flatbread. 

Then topped it off with some red cabbage slaw.

And it was indeed quite good, but not as good as the flatbread pizza.

Finally I have used up all the pork leftovers.

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