Sunday, July 29, 2012

Redhead Chewy Lemonhead & Friends

A couple of weeks ago my parents gave me, for my birthday, an gift card. Considering how much stuff Elizabeth and I left behind before moving to New York, such a present was even better than cash. I'm sure my parents hoped I would use the card to get things like a new vacuum or steam iron... and indeed I got both... but I also got myself some Redhead Chewy Lemonheads.

These are one of my favorite candies ever, and I have not seen them in any stores in a couple of years. Did I need to get a case of 24? Probably not. But it's not like they're going to go to waste.


Maegan said...

Oh, I love these! I have not yet had to buy them online though, since local Walgreens still stocks both them and my beloved Cherry Sours. giftcards are the best.

JustinM said...

Thanks for the tip. CVS and Rite Aid are within two blocks of me and Walgreens is two miles away, so I never go there. But I will check it out.