Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jake's Roadhouse

I've written about Jake's Roadhouse twice on my barbecue blog. I like the place a lot, although their barbecue is not great. Recently I took my friend over to Monrovia to look for a bridesmaid dress (for her, not me) and afterwards we wanted to get something to eat outside. It was a nice day, not rainy like the last couple days, so we sat at a sidewalk table. I wasn't in the mood for barbecue and the "Diablo" sandwich - buffalo chicken - sounded good to me. My friend went for the cheeseburger.

The chicken breast was very thin. It was probably a quarter-inch at most. But it was still good, because it was battered with a fresh beer batter and dipped in a tasty hot sauce. Not very spicy, but tasty nonetheless. My friend's burger, which she ordered well done, looked overcooked to me (I'm a medium-rare guy as long as the beef is decent quality) but she really liked it. We both enjoyed our fries, which I always do at Jake's.

I'm sure the next time I go to Jake's I will switch back to barbecue. I've never tried their tri-tip or hot link sandwiches. But this was a nice meal. Being able to sit outside on a February afternoon underneat a neon "B-B-Q" sign is always a good time.

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