Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Philly's Best: Buffalo Chicken & Cheese

Last time I went to Philly's Best, a couple months ago, I lamented the fact that I ordered a pizza steak sandwich, only to discover a few minutes later a hidden-away sign advertising a "Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak." It was no great tragedy, but my pizza cheesesteak was disappointing, and I promised myself that on my next trip I would order the Buffalo chicken. I have written before of my Jughead-like appetite for anything claiming to be "Buffalo chicken" (except, bizarrely, the most famous item - Buffalo wings.)

So, on one of the few cold nights we have had recently, I headed to Philly's Best to sit inside and catch a few minutes of the Lakers game while eating dinner. I have mentioned before that often my routine when eating here is to try a new menu item, be disappointed because it isn't as good as the cheesesteak, and then kick myself while Elizabeth enjoys the only thing she ever orders - a plain cheesesteak. She always lets me have a bite and inevitably I wish I had just ordered a regular cheesesteak instead of whatever I am trying (pizza steak, barbecue chicken sandwich, chicken pepper sandwich, etc.) I fully expected this to happen again.

However, this sandwich was great. Other than my usual pepper steak with cheese, this is the best item I have ever had from Philly's Best. The chicken was really tender, and the sauce -  I think it was Frank's Red Hot - was very spicy. I was actually glad to have ordered this.

I have tried all of the promotions now except the meatball sandwich, which I am not going to try. Twice I have ordered it and both times they were out of meatballs. I figure that is some kind of sign. I will now return to ordering my pepper steak with cheese every time. Until they come out with a new promotion.

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