Monday, December 26, 2011

Five Christmas Traditions

1) It's a warm day and I wear a t shirt and drink a beer:

2) Watch the Lakers lose (since Kobe joined the Lakers, they have a 63% overall winning percentage, yet only 36% [5-9] on Christmas Day):

3) Watch the greatest Christmas movie of them all, Die Hard:

4) Read A Child's Christmas In Wales, my second-favorite book. This is a first edition copy that Elizabeth gave me for Christmas four years ago, one of the best presents I've ever received:

5) Make spring rolls with my brother:

Let's go into this one a little more.

While I cooked some ground pork in a pan, my brother set about making the vegetable mix. Here is an action shot of him grating carrots, for you lovers of the action shot.

He did all the hard work.

I mixed up three sauces: hot mustard, a sweet & sour sauce made with Sir Kensington's Gourmet Scooping Ketchup, red wine vinegar and hot sauce, and a vinegar & sweet chili sauce with pickled ginger.

I fried up the rolls and plated them, with some slivered green onion and pickled ginger, for Christmas colors. They were good. They were very good.

My favorite of the sauces was the sweet chili/ginger sauce. I could have eaten a dozen of these.

Actually, I think I did.


Michelle said...

Love it.

Anonymous said...

action shot!!

Anonymous said...

Never saw Sriracha in a glass jar like that before. Awesome.

Owner.AsTheWorldChanges said...

I'll bite-- so what's your first favorite book?

JustinM said...

The Great Gatsby.

Manouela said...

You may find it odd since it's the end of February (almost) and I'm commenting on this post. However, I am in love with your posts, and you are my favorite food blog; so I occasionally reread your posts.
Oh and btw:
What a great post! The spring rolls looked beautiful.
Oh, and I'm reading The Great Gatsby for my English class (I am a junior in HS). I really enjoy it.

Oh, and this is my first comment on your blog. Sorry for the lateness, but I've been a fan since 2008.