Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday 2 of 3: Sir Kensington's BLT

Elizabeth and I were emailing yesterday afternoon about what to have for dinner. She said BLTs sounded good to her. (This is kind of misleading; whenever we make them we leave out tomato, as I hate tomatoes and she doesn't really care if they're in the BLT or not.) I said that was fine.

Then I was thinking, as I was assembling the sandwiches: tomatoes creep me out, but that's because of their texture and appearance, not their flavor. And I love Sir Kensington's Gourmet Scooping Ketchup. What if I added that?

Elizabeth saw what I was doing. "Did you just add ketchup to your sandwich?" she asked.

"No," I said, "I added Sir Kensington's."

It was good. But I don't think I'm going to make a regular habit out of it.


Adam from GrubGrade said...

What kind of bacon/cooking do you use? Looks like Thick center cut to me, although I detect a little to done for my taste. Gotta have some chew with the fat. Otherwise the contrast in texture with the bread is off.

JustinM said...

Yep, center cut. And yes, it sounds like it would be too done for you. I like it just this side of burnt, no chewiness whatsoever. By itself, maybe chewy is okay. But in a sandwich I like it crispy.