Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday 1 of 3: My Sauce Drawer

When Elizabeth's parents stayed with us last month, her mom got a big kick out of my drawer of sauces - extras I have collected over the years. I'm not sure how many are actually in there - maybe a couple hundred, but when she asked me how many different kinds I had, I ventured a guess: "I dunno... maybe thirty?"

I took them out last night to check. Turns out I made a pretty good guess.


Fritos and Foie Gras said...

This. Is. Awesome!

Melissa Good Taste said...

Good collection - But where is the Arby sauce?! I see the horsey Sauce... I need to start doing this!!

mindful mule said...

Nice drawer. I’ve got a similar drawer, although, its variety is inferior. It’s mostly Kimlan soy sauce and Heinz mustard. I also keep a ton of delivery/take-out menus in the same drawer. I always feel like I should save these little packets of sauce for some reason – they’d be great on a picnic! But, sadly, it’s more of a sauce graveyard than a pantry. Once they’re in there, they never come out. I’m not sure it would even be healthy to select and eat one at random. And I don’t seem to make reference to the menus, either… so, thanks for the reminder to throw it all away. Let me know if you’re low on Kimlan.

Matt T said...

Lita sauce.......FTMFW!!!

Liz said...

I have to admit this drawer has come in handy! Unless I'm looking for a pen in the kitchen drawers.

Anonymous said...

pp- are these sauces ever gonna "go bad"?

JustinM said...

Fritos: I'm glad you like!

Melissa: I eat the Arby's sauce as soon as I collect it. It's the same reason you don't see McDonald's hot mustard or chipotle BBQ.

Mindful: As a teenager I had a restaurant menu binder at my parents with at least 50-60 menus in it. (Hell, it's probably still there in a condensed version.) But with everything worthwhile on the web (in some form) I don't collect menus any more.

Matt: Oh man, that's my last one. For reasons I will never understand, my mom threw away the strategic reserve of Taco Lita hot sauce in their fridge while cleaning out after they had lost power for a few days. Did you read Bill Bryson's autobiography about how he figured out a formula for how much change he could take from his dad's dresser without being noticed? That's like me with the hot sauce, although my formula was basically "A LOT."

Liz: My beloved Cross pen is always in the kitchen cart, not the actual kitchen.

Anon: Probably, nothing lasts forever. And you can make a case that a few of them are already bad to start with.