Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fresh & Easy V: Spicy Italian Pizza

I rarely purchase "take and bake" pizzas - I don't recall ever having one with a decent crust - but I saw a "Spicy Italian" pizza at Fresh & Easy so I figured I would give it a try. The pizza was topped with capicola, pepperoncinis, and arugula. Those are all flavors I love. Unfortunately, as always seems to happen with take and bake pizza, the cheese started to turn brown well before the crust was close to being done.

Also, the toppings were not spicy. The capicola was sparse and too salty, the pepperoncini and arugula provided very little flavor. I added several drops of garlic hot sauce to the pizza to give it some spice. I will not have this pizza again. There are a couple other varities at F&E that look interesting and I may try them in the future.

I also made a small salad with romaine lettuce and some of Fresh & Easy's "creamy cilantro dressing." This dressing was excellent and only cost $1.99. Too often, cilantro salad dressings taste like a tiny bit of cilantro and a large amount of oil: not exactly a terrible taste, but not complementary to a salad. This one was not oily and was bursting with the smell of cilantro. I will certainly eat this dressing again.

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