Monday, January 5, 2009

Firefly Bistro

Firefly Bistro in South Pasadena is always an enjoyable time. The tented dining room is one of the prettiest, most relaxing dining experiences in town. Recently I went there for brunch with my parents, my brother, and my friend Elizabeth. Every Sunday they have a "blues brunch," featuring Barry Brenner. I had seen him a few years ago at Frank & Joe's Southern Smokehouse and he is phenomenal. He plays acoustic 6 string and 12 string blues. (From his website: "Big B performs the real Country Folk Blues music from Mississippi Delta, Texas Plains, Piney Woods, Piedmont Seaboard, Louisiana Bayou and of course...Chicago's South Side.")

Both of my parents had omelets. I did not try them but they looked good, although not terribly exciting. My brother and I had cheeseburgers; Firefly makes one of the best restaurant burgers in the Pasadena area. Elizabeth had "donuts" - fried balls of dough stuffed with ham and cheese and served with a red pepper aioli. I tried these, and they were as decadent as any food I can remember eating in years.

I've never been a fan of brunch - especially the kind that have only 5 items on the menu, none of which you would ever order for breakfast or lunch - but this is my favorite around. If you like blues music and good food, you should come here at least once.

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