Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Once again I was over at my parents' house with the dual purpose of helping out with the work they are having done and watching the UCLA football game. I was charged, as usual, with coming up with the menu for lunch. I though Hmm, late September, football, the weather has turned autumnal... we will do Oktoberfest!

And then we had the hottest weekend of the year. Not the typical weather for me to wear lederhosen, so I had to stick with my 1996 Cade McNown jersey. (Although I admit that might be funnier than wearing lederhosen.) I had envisioned a nice, breezy fall day, working the grill and drinking cold beer. It was blisteringly hot. This has been one weird year. I do not remember a more mild summer. On 4th of July we had a small barbecue and our neighbor, Anne, actually put on a down vest to walk down the street and watch the Rose Bowl fireworks. And now that it's autumn? We get 107 degree days.

I mentioned my Oktoberfest plan to my mom; she loved it. I said I was going to get sausages at Schreiner's and she said she had never been, so I told her she had to come with me. I was only planning to cook bratwurst and knackwurst, but when she saw their collection of frozen sausages, her eyes lit up. She would have bought one of each flavor if I hadn't stopped her. (Well, by "stopped her" I mean saying "I think this is a good amount.")

We ended up with pork Italian, chicken with tomato and basil, chicken with lemon and cilantro, bratwurst, and knackwurst.

I wanted to get a traditional German potato salad but my mom didn't seem thrilled with that idea, so we compromised on a red potato salad with dill. It was more full of dill than anything I have ever eaten. I love dill so I was okay with this.

 Some spicy mustard in a beer stein-looking container.

I am not sure if "pub cheese" has any connection to Oktoberfest. But it was available at Schreiner's and very tasty. 

You know you're getting older when you see a non-alcoholic beer in the fridge and you think Wow, that sounds great, I can have a cold one and not get any buzz!

There are not many better things in life than a platter full of sausages and college football on TV.

I put a knackwurst on a roll and added sauerkraut, hot mustard, and red cabbage. After I ate that, I had a few pieces of bratwurst. And UCLA dominated Texas; it was their most impressive win in four years.


Liz said...

I had the spicy one and it was delicious! I think Shayla also enjoyed the piece she got ahold of. I love dill too so the potato salad was perfect.

Fritos and Foie Gras said...

my fave potato salad in la is from gelsons. Dont know if it has dill, but the amount of mayo and the texture of the potatoes is just perfect. give it a try!