Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dawn's Cravings

Elizabeth's sister, Dawn, stayed with us on Thursday evening because she had a 6 AM train to catch to D.C. on Friday, and spending the night with us gave her an extra 60-90 minutes of sleep. She is almost six months pregnant so I told her I would make her anything she wanted to eat. She was craving tacos.

So I changed up my usual recipe a little to accommodate her dietary needs: I used a leaner beef than normal, as well as a salt-free taco seasoning. They turned out just fine, in no small part because I was able to use Taco Lita hot sauce - the last of my supply - on my tacos.

Dawn's train did not get back from D.C. until 7:30 Friday night, so she decided to stay with us again, since she and her husband were going to see Annie on Broadway the next day. She felt like chicken fingers and a salad for dinner, and I again said no problem.

I soaked fresh chicken pieces in milk for a couple of hours, tossed them in flour, dredged them through egg wash and rolled them in panko crumbs, then pan=fried them for a few minutes. They were really good and I got compliments all around.

The next morning I made scrambled eggs - pepper, no salt - and low-sodium bacon.

And Dawn got to discover how friendly Hawkeye can be when there is food around.

It was a fun couple of days, but I'm glad she's gone and I can go back to eating full-fat, extremely salty food. Wait til you see what I made during the football games yesterday.


Anonymous said...

those chicken fingers look great

Bekah said...

Agreed. Chicken looks awesome.

Liz said...

The chicken was delicious. Agreed to having full-fat stuff though!

Anonymous said...

Chicken looks beautiful. Hawkeye! Eyes on the eats.