Friday, November 21, 2008

Philthy Phil's Sweet Sausage & Guinness Flavored Balls

Last week I got a bottle of Philthy Phil's barbecue sauce at Mo's Smokehouse in Pismo Beach. It's a great sauce - mustard, brown sugar and vinegar - that goes perfectly with pork. Of course, Guinness-flavored Bull's Eye is probably the greatest barbecue sauce ever created. (There are very few things in the world I love more than Guinness: barbecue, baseball, garlic, and maybe a couple relatives.)

So I decided to use them both for lunch. I bought some sweet Italian sausage and beef & pork meatballs at the butcher shop. I grilled the sausage for a few minutes on the grill to get the grill marks, then cooked them in beer in a pan. When the beer had evaported I poured in some of the Philthy Phil's sauce and let it coat the sausage.

I cooked the meatballs in an oven for about 40 minutes, adding the Guinness Bull's Eye with about ten minutes left. This lunch was one of the best things I have ever put in my mouth.


SuperLarge said...

I... I.... Oh screw it, it's just too easy.

Anonymous said...

What's that saying about having nothing more to add?
This is one of those times...