Sunday, January 15, 2012

Three Day Weekend Eats, Part 2: In Search of McDonald's Hot Habanero Sauce

After reading about Chicken McBites the other day on this blog, my brother stopped by McDonald's to try them for himself. He called me and reported that the one he went to (in Glendora) had a sign for a new habanero sauce. He had enthusiastically asked for it but the employee told him they did not have it yet.

This excited me greatly, as I am always after a new fast food sauce that promises heat. (Even though 90%+ of the time I am disappointed.) So I went to the McDonald's closest to me and asked if they have the sauce.

"Not yet," the kid said. "We were supposed to have it already but they keep delaying our delivery."

So it sounds like the sauce exists, and I promise you I will have a review of it as soon as it appears. In the meantime, I tried the Chicken McBites with buffalo sauce on this occasion, and thought it was a nice complement to the fried chicken bits.

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