Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday For My Friends (2 of 3): My Condiments

A reader emailed me and mentioned that I often seem to use different condiments, and wanted to know how many I had in my fridge. So I took them all out and took a picture. The short answer? 35. Would you like to know what they all are? Okay.

1) Ralph's brand Thousand Island
2) Rudy's BBQ "sause"
3) Bull's Eye Carolina-style BBQ sauce
4) E. Waldo Ward mustard relish
5) Guy Fieri Carolina #6 sauce (I hate to admit it, but Guy has made an awesome sauce here)
6) Famous Dave's Sweet & Zesty barbecue sauce
7) Crosse & Blackwell zesty shrimps sauce
8) Ralph's bold & spicy steak sauce (Tastes exactly like A.1. but less than half the price)
9) Pio Pica hot sauce
10) Buffalo Wild Wings Caribbean Jerk
11) Buffalo Wild Wings Spicy Garlic
12) Buffalo Wild Wings Asian Zing
13) Some Dude's Fry Sauce
14) Sarayo
15) Best Food real mayonnaise
16) Best Foods olive oil reduced- fat mayonnaise ("It tastes the same and my pants fit better!")
17) Ralph's cocktail sauce
18) Trader Joe's garlic chipotle salsa
19) Brianna's honey mustard
20) Trader Joe's champagne vinaigrette
21) Lea & Perrin's thick Worcestershire sauce
22) The Salt Lick original recipe barbecue sauce
23) Gates original barbecue sauce
24) Jack Daniel's original #7 barbecue sauce (Like Gates, only the exact opposite)
25) BBQ Fight Club Kickin' Chicken White Sauce
26) Kraft Seven Seas Green Goddess dressing (I'm pretty sure we've had this since 2008)
27) Trader Joe's corn and chile tomato-less salsa
28) Fresh & Easy orange peel simmer sauce
29) E. Waldo Ward tartar sauce
30) Wild Thymes thai chile roasted garlic dipping sauce
31) Taco Bell bold & creamy chipotle sauce
32) Sir Kensington's gourmet scooping ketchup
33) Bolani sweet jalalpeno sauce
34) Grey Poupon
35) Tiger Sauce


ben wideman said...

Sort of amazed that a SoCal foodie doesn't have a bottle of the Red Rooster in their fridge...

JustinM said...

Do you mean the chili garlic sauce ("hot cock" as my friend Zach calls it) or the actual Red Rooster hot sauce? The former is at my parents house - I took it over for Christmas when my brother and I were making spring rolls and forgot to bring it back.

The latter is in my cupboard. I have at least a dozen hot sauces in my cupboard, but this was only a collection of sauces from the fridge.

Jessica said...

I was going to make the same comment about being shocked there wasn't any sriracha on the list! No home is complete without it :)

Anonymous said...

only u, pp. only u.

Emily said...

...See my comment on the BLP.

Irina Netchaev said...

Missing Tabasco Jalapeno sauce. :)