Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dinner With Elizabeth & Tracie

Many times over the last few years I've made dinner for Elizabeth and Tracie and we've sat in front of the TV, watching silly sitcoms (although I always switch to Huell Howser at the commercials, which makes them roll their eyes) and hanging out. I figured we should do it one more time before I pack away all the kitchen stuff.

I slow-cooked three chicken breasts for several hours, then pulled them apart and placed the poultry on mini potato rolls, topping one with Guy Fieri's "Carolina #6" vinegar sauce and another with "Carolina Gold" that I picked up the other day at a restaurant-supply store. Did we all top our sliders with cole slaw? You know it.

Elizabeth and I preferred the sliders with the mustard sauce. So much so that I added even more to mine after a couple of bites.

Tracie liked the vinegar-sauced version better. I thought it was great, but I liked the mustard sauce just a little more.

I even added a little of the mustard sauce to my leftover slaw.

I am certainly going to miss evenings like this.

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