Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ghang Thai Kitchen

When my brother was in town the other day, after we finished what we were working on, we went for a walk, looking for someplace to get food. I could tell my brother wanted Thai food - not that that required any special skills on my part; just as I am always up for Chinese or pizza, he is always in the mood for Thai.

Wandering down Court Street, we passed by Ghang and my brother said that looked good. So we popped in. There was only one other table occupied and we took a table close to the front window. 

Not surprisingly, there was a lunch menu and we both selected items off of it .

My brother drank a Thai iced tea in five seconds. He was thirsty.

My brother selected soup and vegetable dumplings to start off his meal. He did not care for the dumplings at all so he gave me one. I thought it was really good. 

I selected the salad and spring rolls. I had hoped the dressing would not be too peanut-heavy but it was. I couldn't eat it. I can't really get upset, that's always a risk inherent in getting a Thai salad. 

The spring rolls, on the other hand, were fantastic, some of the best I have had in a long time.

My brother had a wok stir with beef, requesting the "basil" flavor and ordering it medium spicy. He ate almost all of it (and all of the beef) but when he went to use the restroom I took some of his veggies. They were delicious. 

I got a wok stir as well: chicken with the ginger flavor, asking for it to be "spicy." I really liked this, although I think I liked my brother's basil-flavored sauce more. Curiously, his dish tasted spicier than mine. But mine still had plenty of heat.

I would be glad to go back to Ghang any time for one of their lunch specials, or perhaps just an entire order of their spring rolls. But first I'm going to try some other Thai places and see what's out there. 


Mike N. said...

"CPR kit available"? Can't say as I've ever seen THAT before. Come to think of it, I'm not even sure what a CPR kit would be, unless it's one of those portable defib units.

JustinM said...

That surprised me as well when I got here - pretty much every restaurant has that sign. Apparently it's a state law that restaurants and bars have them on hand; they contain face masks, gloves and valves.

Bekah said...

Love that you stole food off your bro's plate when he went to the restroom. And I'm always amused by cone-shaped rice.

FYI: found the balsamic ketchup at Walmart. Thanks for the tip.

JustinM said...

Well I had to at least try his food so I could comment on it.