Monday, October 22, 2012

Football Eats 9: Brisket & Short Rib Chili Cheese Fries

Last week, autumn stopped feeling - to me, at least - like a slightly-cooler extension of summer, and it began feeling like its own season, like the bridge to winter. So I wanted to make something a little warmer on Saturday while watching all the football games; chili came to mind. And then I started thinking about a comment my friend Bryce left a couple of weeks ago, about how much he enjoyed the Nathan's fries he ate in New York earlier this month, and the idea of chili cheese fries was born.

I started the process of sweating the onions in a pan before putting them in the slow cooker. I don't think there is any need to do this - they soften considerably in the slow cooker - but I guess I just like to get the process started. 

I got three of the brisket and short rib burger patties from Paisanos - total weight before cooking just under a pound and a half - and broke them apart as I cooked them in the pan. Then I drained the grease and added the beef on top of the onions.

Creole mustard and Sir Keningstons went next: eight ounces of the ketchup (about two-thirds of the bottle) and a couple of tablespoons of the mustard. I didn't really measure, I just tasted it and it seemed fine.

A packet of chili seasoning went next. You can use whatever kind you want - I love the Brown Bag mix but haven't seen it around these parts, so I just bought whatever packet they had at the store. I actually don't even remember what it was - I think McCormick.

Then I added a cup of water and mixed it all together, set the slow cooker to low, and let it cook for three hours. Normally I make a lot more and it cooks for six or seven hours, but with such a little amount of meat I didn't want it to burn and three hours seemed like a good amount of time.

I may have been really unimpressed with my food at Nathan's, but I do think their crinkle-cut fries are good. I heated the oil in the pot to 380 degrees and fried up a few handfuls at a time, roughly five minutes for each batch.

I drained off the oil and put them in a shallow bowl.

I dusted the fries with some chili powder while they were still hot.

Then placed on two slices of American cheese.

Two big ladles of steaming-hot chili went next.

And another slice of cheese.

Followed by a sprinkling of green onions.

They probably weren't the best chili cheese fries I have ever had - although to be honest I am having a hard time thinking of any that I enjoyed more - but they were without question the best chili cheese fries I have ever made myself.


Anonymous said...

hot damn those look good

Fritos and Foie Gras said...

DUUUUUDE...Wow those look amazing

Lee Ann said...

Man alive, those look great. Wowwwww

marinko said...

Yumm, i just love this.