Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween & Hurricane Eats

Remember last Halloween when I gave Elizabeth a jack-o-lantern Pez dispenser? Well, I decided she should get another one this Halloween. And funny enough, I found one that looks just like her.

Halloween Funfetti? Oh hell yes. 

It was not my favorite Funfetti, but it was still good.

And now some other things I ate over the last two and a half days. I heard late last week that the weather could be horrible, so I went to Target and got a few things, planning to stay inside for at least two days, preparing for perhaps more. I got a few frozen items that were inexpensive, thinking they would be easy to cook and if we lost power and had to throw them out, oh well. And then I got several things that required no refrigeration, like soup and rice. (As it turned out, we did not lose power at all so I only cooked a couple of the frozen items and none of the soup.) Here is what we ate:

I had leftover crawfish that didn't make it into the po' boys, so I threw together some nachos. Kind of sloppy, I guess, but I didn't really care: crawfish, mozzarella, corn, cilantro, and Tostitos tortilla chips with a "hint of pepper jack." With a squeeze of lemon and a little Trappey's hot sauce. They were nice.

I am not a fan of French-bread pizza, but Elizabeth is, so I gladly cooked one for her. (And I took a bite; it was better than I was expecting... but it's still not my favorite pizza.)

Lassen & Hennigs, a place I wrote about in August, actually stayed open both days. (Not full days, of course, but longer than anyone else.)

"Thank you so much for being open," I overheard a woman say to an employee.

"We have to feed Brooklyn Heights," the employee responded.

The place was packed, but they have their system down and it never takes too long. I got a sausage, scrambled egg and cheese breakfast sandwich for Elizabeth and myself to split, and some home fries. I put Sir Kensington's on my half of both.

Hey, sweet, you guys dropped some food... oh wait, it's just a flower. Damn. 

Elizabeth loves fried cheese. Loves it. So that was definitely one of the frozen items I picked up at Target. I made them as a snack for her, though she insisted I have some, too.
These particular sticks come with buffalo sauce, which I slathered all over a piece before dunking it into blue cheese as well.

"Do you think you used enough buffalo sauce?" she asked me.

Actually, I didn't.

So I dunked a piece in buffalo sauce, then blue cheese, then back in the buffalo sauce. Even better.

There was one Trader Joe's pita bread left so I made I myself a pita bread pizza with "Jersey Tomato Sauce." I have no idea what that means, but it was on sale at the store one day when I needed tomato sauce (and it was basil flavored). It was a good snack.

I picked up some turkey meatloaf at Lassen, too. I put two pieces in the oven, covered with ketchup, and baked them for about five minutes, just enough to heat them up. The meatloaf itself was delicious and I ended up removing it from the bread. The sandwich needed something else, like arugula or garlic mayo. But I couldn't really run out to the store - it was closed.

At any rate, our neighborhood escaped with very minimal damage. I hope everything is good with you, too. Have a great Halloween.


Anonymous said...

glad you guys are safe + warm + full of cheese. happy halloween!!

Nosh Gnostic said...

Yeah, Jersey Tomato Sauce - what's that all about? The maker is Ethnic Cottage.
I guess the residents of "Jersey" are now an official people group.

Anonymous said...

mmm nachos!