Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fast Food Review: Wendy's Flavor-Dipped Chicken Sandwich

After the abomination that was the Wendy's Spicy Chicken Go Wrap, I did not have very high expectations for Wendy's new sandwiches. But they offer them dipped in buffalo or barbecue sauce, and I am always a sucker for any kind boneless chicken with buffalo sauce. So, on an errand to pick up some cat food, I figured I might as well swing by Wendy's and try one.

It was fantastic. The chicken was crispy outside and tender inside, and it was swimming in the buffalo sauce. It is the only sandwich I have had that comes close to the pinnacle of buffalo chicken sandwiches: the Atomic Chicken Sandwich at the Dark Horse Bar in Boulder, Colorado (which was awesome even when it wasn't accompanied with an appetizer of bull testicles.)

It's a "limited time only" menu item, so I will probably go back and try the barbecue sauce version, although I can't imagine it is as good as this.

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