Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fast Food Review: Wendy's Spicy Chicken Go Wrap

Despite how it may look on this blog, I don't eat fast food very frequently. There was a time, say, my freshman year of college, when it was not unusual for me to eat it twice in one day (there was an In-N-Out a few blocks from campus) but now sometimes months go by when I don't have any. However, as I have written before, I am a sucker for a new fast food promotion. Usually they aren't very good and they disappear from the menu, but sometimes, like the Del Taco mole chicken taco, the item is really good.

Well, the spicy chicken go wrap is easily the worst item I have ever had from Wendy's. The breading around the chicken was rock hard, as if it had been fried the day before and left out. The chicken was tough and the cheese was dry and brittle. I took a bite and spit it out, then took a bite from the other end. It was the same and I spit it out, too. The wrap cost $1.49. The 99-cent chicken nuggets are far superior to this.

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