Saturday, December 6, 2008

Chicken Tenders

Perhaps my favorite thing about Food Network - other than placing odds on the next person they are going to overexpose (my current bet is Guy Fieri) - is coming up with ways to improve, or at least alter, some of the recipes I see. The other night Guy was making some chicken tenders that he coated in pretzel and almonds and then deep fried. I had an idea.

I bought a bag of Baked Lays and crushed them up, then soaked several pieces of sliced chicken breast in an egg wash for about 15 minutes. I rolled them in the crumbs and baked them in the oven for about twenty minutes.

I served them with a trio of dipping sauces: honey mustard, buffalo, and Philthy Phil's barbecue sauce. I thought they were great, even better than they would have been if fried. I would like to try them with different flavors of chicken breast (this one was a "Polynesian" flavor that I got from the local butcher shop) and perhaps different flavors of Lays.

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