Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Croccantini Pizza

I went over to my parents' house to get out all of their Christmas decorations for them. The main food choice in their fridge was Chinese food from the night before - which looked damn good but I wasn't in the mood for it - and soup, which looked like it might have been there for several days.

But they did have leftover turkey. I love turkey more than any other meat. I could probably give up eating red meat, and maybe even seafood, but there is no way I could give up eating turkey. They also had some sweet Italian sausage and some croccantini from Whole Foods. And, as always, there was plenty of cheese in their fridge (my love of cheese is definitely inherited.)

So I took a couple of the crackers and put Guinness Bull's Eye on one and pasta sauce on the other. On the first cracker I added Tillamook cheddar and turkey, with a couple pieces of blue cheese. On the second cracker, I added the sausage, parmesan, blue cheese, and a healthy amount of oregano.

After five minutes in the toaster oven the were perfect. I enjoyed them both, but the turkey was definitely my favorite.

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