Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fast Food Review: Wienerschnitzel Angus Pastrami Dog

"Pastrami is back!" announced the sign at Wienerschnitzel. The only reaction this prompted in me was to say "I didn't know it ever left." But I wasn't going to try it. The last three things I have tried there - the Bacon-Wrapped Street Dog, the Bacon Ranch Chili Cheese Fries, and the Sea Dog - were not good, the latter being perhaps the most foul smelling food I have ever ordered.

But the other day I was out doing some errands and I had not yet had lunch. It was getting late in the afternoon and I had dinner plans, so I didn't want a big meal. It was the last day of summer; the temperature gauge in the car read 95 degrees at 3 PM. Why not bid farewell to summer with that most summery of foods, a hot dog? There are four pastrami options at Wienerschnitzel: a pastrami sandwich, pastrami in a bun, an original pastrami dog, and the Angus pastrami dog in a pretzel bun. I ordered the last one.

There were four women inside the hut and no customers; as soon as I placed my order they all sprung into action. I had my hot dog in less than one minute and I took it to the car: not only was it hot, it was humid, and I wanted to use the AC. (And, to be honest, continue the masochistic relationship I have with the Angels this season, allowing myself the slightest hope that they still had a shot at the postseason.)

It's not the most attractive hot dog you'll ever see. The pastrami was the thin, fatty stuff that I usually don't like, though receiving this kind of a pastrami on top of a $3 hot dog is not nearly as aggravating as getting it in a $10 sandwich. As is the norm at Wienerschnitzel, the pickles and mustard were neon-colored.

It wasn't great, but it wasn't bad. The Angus wiener is the same one I have always enjoyed, and the pretzel bun was a nice change of pace - it was a good choice for the thick wiener. My favorite part were the pickle spears, a much better choice than diced pickles would have been. My second-least favorite part was the thin cheese, so thin that it melted into almost nothing.

My least favorite part, though, was the pastrami. As I mentioned earlier, I wasn't expecting much. And I didn't receive much: it was chewy, rubbery junk. There may have only been two edible bites of the pastrami.

This dog could have been really good, but unfortunately it wasn't. I really like Wienerschnitzel's wieners... just not most of the toppings they choose to use. Of course, I'll still try the next one they come up with.

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