Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Shrimp Fritters

Do you ever get a craving that comes completely out of left field, something you haven't had in years? I cannot remember the last time I had homemade seafood fritters, but the other day I suddenly wanted them very badly.

I found this batter at Target and it looked great.

To the batter I added diced pasilla peppers, green onions, and paprika.

I decided Trader Joe's Argentinian Red Shrimp would make a good main ingredient. I haven't written of those in a long time, but just in case you don't remember, they cost nine bucks for a one-pound bag and taste very much like lobster.

I combined the batter with the shrimp and two cups of water, mixed it into a paste, and dropped balls of it into hot oil. A few minutes later I removed them and drained off the excess oil.

I mixed up a sauce of mayo and Honey Cayenne hot mustard sauce and drizzled it over the plate. (I thought it was great; Elizabeth hated it.) But the fritters were the real stars: crunchy, doughy, and tasting of shrimp and lobster.

I even tried it with the Tabasco Sweet & Spicy sauce. That was good, too, but really these fritters didn't need any sauce.

I'm already planning my next batch.


Jack L said...

Woaaaaaaah sweet and spicy Tabasco? I need to try it. How does it taste?

JustinM said...

Very mild, by far the mildest of the Tabasco line. It's got a definite Asian flair to it.

I wrote about trying it with a bunch of different things back in September '10.

Banana Wonder said...

I must find those Argentinian shrimp. These look great! Do you have a deep fryer or what?

JustinM said...

They're great, definitely try them. I don't really have a deep fryer. I used to use my big Le Creuset, but I left that at my parents' when I moved. We have a Greenpan pot that works for deep-frying, but these were done in an inch of oil in a 12-inch pan.

Owner.AsTheWorldChanges said...

You should do videos!!