Friday, October 10, 2008


My friend's birthday is October 6th, and his fiance was asking me for suggestions as to what kind of party we should have. I threw out a few suggestions, one of which was an Oktoberfest party. She loved the idea and we came up with a menu. I would handle everything relating to cooking bratwurst, she and another friend would get cheese and bread, and she would bake a couple things.

The girls got all kinds of cheese - one of the best cheese selections I have ever seen. I made a red cabbage salad and caramelized some sweet onions with chives and balsamic vinegar. I got brats at Schreiner's in Montrose and cooked them in a big tub of beer, then briefly touched them on the grill to get grill marks. They were oustanding.

My friend put on an amazing display of baking skills: she made a German potato pancake that I could happily eat with every meal for the rest of my life, and a Linzer torte, a classic Austrian pie. I do not like pie - I do not really like any kind of dessert - but this was spectacular.

This was unquestionably the best Oktoberfest festivity I have ever attended. Great food, lots of beer, and watching college football on TV instead of Oom-pah bands or drunk morons doing the Chicken Dance. It was even a better meal than the surprise birthday dinner we had for him the night before at, God help me, Sizzler. (I couldn't make that up.)


Anonymous said...

From the friend with the baking skills: let's plan another one for next year as I love me some brats.

Also, make sure to have some beads ready for the Mardi Gras party!

JustinM said...

Well, yes, I do have my beads ready, but let's concentrate on the next festivity: AppleFest

SuperLarge said...

I'm really craving a potato pancake today.