Saturday, July 2, 2011

4th of July Weekend Eats V

This afternoon we were out doing a few errands and decided tacos would be a good lunch. It was about 95 degrees so I opted for a taco joint where we could sit inside and enjoy some air conditioning. Luckily, La Estrella has both and it's probably my favorite taco place in Pasadena. It was an easy decision.

Elizabeth ordered three carnitas tacos and I got two al pastor and a fish taco. The prices have gone up by about 20% since my last meal at La Estrella, but it is still not expensive by any means.

The al pastor was saltier than usual, but still tasty.

The fish taco was massive. In the past it has been one piece of battered fish, almost like an English-style piece of cod from a fish & chips order. Today it was three thin filets of fish. It was still good, but I missed the crunch of the batter from the previous fish tacos I'd eaten at La Estrella.

I am curious to know if today was just an aberration. (It was very busy, perhaps busier than I've ever seen it, so maybe quality was suffering.) Because if this is the way it's going to be now - saltier meats, less-crispy fish, and increased prices - then I will be making El Taquito or Rosarito's my go-to place for tacos in Pasadena.

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