Sunday, August 7, 2011


There was plenty of corned beef left over from Thursday night's dinner, so for lunch Friday I heated some up in a pan with a vinegar/hot sauce mix, the spooned it over pickle slices on a bun. I topped the beef with slaw and a few slugs of Texas Champagne.

And for dinner Friday night I made myself another one.

So am I tired of corned beef after eating three sandwiches in 23 hours? Not even a little bit.

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ben wideman said...

I finally made it to Robins BBQ last night. Fun place with nice portions. I wish I had gone sooner so that I could post a review and make a return trip. Enjoyed their spicy BBQ sauce, chicken, spare ribs, baked beans, mac and cheese, blueberry cornbread, and interesting coleslaw. But, I did not like the beef ribs at all.