Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Guest Post: Plaice & Chips

So far every sentence on this blog has been written by me. But some of my friends have taken great pictures of food on their vacations and I wouldn't want to deny my millions of readers the chance to see a new food. This picture was taken and these words written by my friend Mick, from his last vacation to England.

Plaice is a popular fish found in “fish & chip” dishes in the UK. At one time they were quite more expensive than the more common cod & chips, but now the prices are similar due, no doubt, to the growing scarcity of cod.

According to Wikipedia it is a flat fish found on the sandy bottoms of the European shelf. It has a unique delicate taste similar to sole, but different, and is the favorite of many in the UK. When in England and hankering for fish & chips try the Plaice, you won’t be sorry. A bit of advice though; where in a pub or restaurant they have Plaice on the menu, be careful, it is usually steamed or grilled and has all the bones in and you have to fight for the flesh. There are no bones in the Plaice & Chips though. Enjoy!

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